I Like Halloween
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I Like Halloween

Why Celebrate Halloween?


In troubled times, why celebrate Halloween at all? And no matter the time and money — if you have no kids, why bother?

Here are the true reasons you should celebrate Halloween

Halloween Decoration Box


Halloween gathers its own collection of decorations and what not. Keep it easily organized in such a way that it’s easy to store, easy to take out.

A simple Halloween organization routine, clearly outlined.

Halloween Candy Budget


Halloween can be a very expensive holiday if you want to treat the neighborhood kids right.

To save money a lot of people will simply buy the non-popular candy; the stuff kids keep for last or is finally thrown out at the end of the year…

But you can be the rockstar of the neighborhood, having some of the best candy in the most fun presentation. Read how it’s done on a budget without looking like a cheapskate.

Quick Easy Halloween Costumes


For those last minute costumes or just because you need a cheap deal to get your kid costumed out: here are some working ideas you can apply right here, right now

The 3 Best Halloween Video Games for PC


Starting from a couple of bucks (2.99), these are the best, most spooky Halloween video games for the PC.

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids


Get your printer going with these free Halloween coloring pages. No color cartridge needed; black only (cheap!). Simply print out at any size and have your kids color them. Makes a great Halloween activity and can be used as Halloween decoration.

Sesame Street: Halloween Frontier


Costume Craze thinks you’ll go crazy for these Seame Street themed Halloween costumes. Not convinved they’re that scary? The catch: they’re meant to be sexy!

Hanging Sarah Palin Halloween Dummy [Taste Fail]

Some Halloween ideas aren’t just plain fun scary, gory or gooey — they’re simply tasteless.

When a West Hollywood man hung a Sarah Palin lookalike Halloween dummy from his house, he overstepped the bounds in 3 ways.

We show you how and why — as well as 2 simple self-questions you can ask to protect you against becoming the next scandal.

How to stuff a halloween dummy?

Life-size Halloween dummies are great fun but their sheer size brings a question to mind; how do we stuff that sucker?!

Newspaper, old clothes, nor cotton or balls are the solution…

How To Make Your Own Halloween Dummy

A well-lit, life-sized Halloween dummy can be the proud center point of many scary Halloween setups.

This DIY Halloween project turns boring yard work into desired family fun. This year forget about orange leaf filled bags — Halloween Dummy is in town!